ASC Mentors

Home Tuition Scotland offers over 9 years’ experience working with ASC-learners at Scotland’s FE colleges and universities.

Therefore, we apply practical knowledge of the types of challenges providing ASC support may raise, and the qualifications, experience and temperament that support workers must have to enable each individual student to receive the most beneficial help. For example, if a student has complex needs and challenging behaviour, then it will be necessary to arrange a mentor with sufficient experience in this, rather than someone who has only worked with mild Asperger’s.

Our ASC mentors are experts on transitions and are well-versed in liaising with student advocates, both professional and family.

HTS is a UK-Department for Education registered ASC Support practitioner so you can be assured our ASC mentors meet relevant SAAS, SFE/SFW or SFNI qualifications and requirements.

Please call us on 0131 618 6360 or contact us today for further information.